We can prune your tree to remove storm-damaged branches, to reduce the height, or to shape the tree. Professional pruning of fruit trees at the right time of year is essential for developing fruit. Formative pruning will help an establishing tree thrive and take shape. We are trained in proper pruning techniques that will help increase the life and health of your trees.


If your tree is dangerous, in poor health, has been damaged by storms, or is causing damage to your property, it may need to be removed. Our team can efficiently remove your tree using climbing and rigging techniques. We are experts in confined space tree removals and will work around objects in your garden, minimising the risk of damage to your property.


With a brand new Bandit Stumpgrinder, we can offer full stump removal and access stumps in most locations. We currently hold the stump grinding contract for Latrobe City and have a dedicated stump grinding team with an innovative stump grinding machine and trailer system.


With damaging winds hitting Gippsland often, we are available for emergency call outs if a tree is a risk to your home. After a storm it is important to check your trees for any damaged or broken branches. It can also be important to keep your trees tidy by pruning to avoid loose or overhanging branches becoming dangerous in storms and windy weather.


We can increase light through your trees and remove any weak limbs to reduce the risk of future failure. Removing lower branches will also allow more light into the area. Crown reductions will control the height and spread of a tree and can maintain the natural shape and form.


With equipment including pole saws, hedge trimmers and scaffolding, we are capable of trimming hedges of any shape or size. Hedges can get out of control very quickly and our services will improve neatness, thicken the hedge, keep it under control or improve accessibility to paths.


Trimming and pruning your trees to keep them tidy can reduce the fire risk to your home by removing material that fuels the flames. If you are in a rural area and have concerns for the fire season, we can provide a free assessment for you.


We are trained in EWP (cherry picker) operation and Powerline Vegetation Control, allowing us to safely prune around powerline and service lines. We have been awarded parts of the Street Tree Pruning contact with Latrobe City Council for the last 4 years. If you’ve been contacted by your electrical company, you may need to have your trees pruned away from these lines.


With both a 19-inch and 12-inch wood chipper, we can efficiently reduce foliage to wood chips (mulch), whether we have removed your trees or if you already have them on the ground. Your wood chips belong to you, so we’ll always leave them with you unless you'd like us to take them away. We also offer mulch sales, please click here for our Mulch page.


We are trained in industry-best practices and techniques and can give you advice and consultation on the trees in your garden free of charge. After stormy weather, we offer free hazard assessments to check the safety of your trees. We also have an Independent Consulting Level 5 Arborist available for official tree reports.


We can offer you the option of tree felling. This is where the tree is not dismantled with the branches taken down piece by piece, but felled from the base of the trunk. This may suit your requirements if you have space or land around the tree you want removed.


Another form of pruning, this is where the dead, dying and diseased branches of a tree are removed. This will improve the health of the tree as well as those around it. It will also increase the tree's aesthetic value.


We have a fleet of machinery and top-of-the-range equipment to conduct your tree work safely and efficiently. Our crew have been fully trained in the use of our machinery. We run up to 3 tree services crews daily across Gippsland allowing us to complete any job for our customers, no matter how big or small.

Our equipment includes:

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