Here at Drop & Leave, we're passionate about supporting our local community and have launched our fund-raising campaign Mulch Drive 2016. We are proudly raising money for local Gippsland hospitals including Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon, West Gippsland Healthcare Group in Warragul and Central Gippsland Health Service in Sale.

We are pledging to donate $5 from every metre of mulch sold throughout 2016. We sell 10m loads of mulch for $25 per metre, which means that for every $250 truck load of mulch purchased, $50 is donated to our efforts. So if you've been thinking of mulching your garden, now's the time!

We kickstarted our fundraising efforts with the sale of four red gum boards, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the campaign. Our goal is to give something back to the Gippsland community who have helped us grow our business over the past 8 years.

We've been thankful for the services we've used in the past, including the births of our two children, so we're excited to be raising money for the fantastic services these hospitals provide for fellow Gippslanders.
Our target is to raise $10,000 and we'd love your help!

Thanks for your support!
Brendon & Rachel Clark

A 10m truckload of mulch, Drop  &Leave are selling to raise funds for local hospitals.
Drop & Leave's mulch drive 2016, fundraising for local hospitals.

Mulch Drive 2016 News

Current total raised: $3000

Watch this space as we keep you up to date with the progress and achievements we're reaching with our campaign. We are hoping to raise over $10,000 for Gippsland hospitals throughout 2016, so if you've been thinking of buying mulch for your garden... Now's the time!

  • Mulch sales gaining momentum!

  • 25 May 2016

  • Phil Colgan, Drop & Leave's Operations Manager loading mulch into our 10m truck for customer deliveries

    Our mulch sales have been gaining momentum and we're excited to say we've now raised $1650 for local Gippsland hospitals! If you're looking for mulch for your garden, you can reuest your order through our online form, in an email or a phone call. We'll confirm a date and time with you and then use our Kanga loader to fill our 10m mulch truck for your delivery. Make sure you let us know where you'd like it dropped!
    With 7 months left in 2016, we're hopeful to reach our target of $10,000, especially with a very large order that may have just come in... Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement!

  • Kicking off the fundraising efforts with the sale of red Gum boards at FarmWorld 2016

  • 10 Apr 2016

  • Red gum boards sold at FarmWorld 2016 for Drop & Leave tree services mulch drive

    We're proud to announce we raised $1200 for our fundraising campaign at Farmworld in Lardner Park over the weekend through the sale of two Red gum boards! We have two boards left that we're turning into gorgeous tables to be auctioned off at a later date.

    We wanted to say a huge thank you to Les Owen and his wife at WoodWizz Machinery for generously donating their time to machine the boards for the buyers. If you're ever looking for beautifully crafted pieces, make sure you contact Les through his website (link above).

    We decided to kickstart our fundraising campaign with something that would grab our customers' attention and what better for a tree services company than with four beautiful Red Gum boards. These can be made into signature pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, bar tops or table tops. We're using another great, local supplier to create two pieces with the boards we have left, so watch this space for the auction!